Unique problem requires an unique solver

Classic cars shine, they amaze and they literally draw attention. They give satisfaction and driving pleasure. On the other hand they sometimes leak oil, have their own strange manual and sometimes annoying behavior which you will have to learn to live with. Every brand and model has them in one way or another. That’s a downside. In some exceptional cases someone, who can offer a solution for these lingering and seemingly unsolvable problems, will arise. Recently, such a unique solver was found in the small Dutch town Empel.

A 'sensitive' man

Since 1987 Joop van Geffen operates in the world of vibration and balance technology. Passion, excellent service and a thorough knowledge of his field of expertise brought him and his company to the far edges of the globe to ensure that machines are balanced and are working free of vibrations. ‘We provide solutions where others fail’ is his credo. This suits him well, Joop van Geffen likes to face his problems head on. His extensive experiences with vibration problems have turned this level-headed man into a ‘sensitive’ man as well. Expert knowledge is mandatory of course, but a complete and lasting solution of a problem often requires an old fashioned instinct or 'Gut feeling'.


Perfectionism is not only know to the modern technology, but the quest for perfection was already going on in the automotive world from the early fifties. Besides a good looking car it had to be a powerful car that handles well. In order to gain this excellent handling the engine and gearbox were separated from each other. This separation led to an optimum weight distribution and handling properties. It is remarkable how many exclusive brands chose for this system. Searching the internet for TRANSAXLE and looking on Wikipedia quickly finds the brands like Porsche, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Aston Martin to name a few. But also the Škoda Popular and the Škoda Rapid for the forties pop up in the list. The system worked and still works well, regarding the fact that it is still applied on several Mercedes, Porsche and Lexus models.

Desperate restorers

Also Lancia applied this system successfully for many years. Classic car enthusiasts were however less pleased with this choice. After replacing the couplings plates, the cars never returned to their original state. This job requires removing the long driving shaft between the engine and the gearbox, together with this removal the balance of the shaft is affected as well. Lancia enthusiasts and other TRANSAXLE 'victims' had to live with their vibrating cars. It seemed to be that no specialist was able to solve the problem. Weights were applied to the shaft but the vibration never disappeared. A few Lancia enthusiasts didn't want to give up and started their own quest along many balance shops and specialists.