About Joop van Geffen

Joop van Geffen is the founder and owner of Van Geffen Allround Machine Support BV. By performing vibration measurements, vibration analyses and by balancing, the company has specialized itself in preventing and solving problems with machinery, foundations and constructions. As one of the most specialized and experienced vibration measurement technology companies within the Netherlands, Van Geffen AMS stands for high quality service and has grown to a well accepted global player.

Since 1987, Joop van Geffen has been active as an experienced Trouble Shooter and globally there isn’t hardly any machine type on which he hasn’t performed vibration measurements or field balancing yet.

Joop van Geffen inspired kind of person who likes to be challenged. His expertise enables him to refer to many different approaches to a solution. The combination of this expertise with the determination of van Geffen always leads to a solution. The no-nonsense mentality of van Geffen prevents discouragements and gives him the guts to choose new or unconventional approaches to solve a problem, as his passion is to eliminate imbalances and vibrations!